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Installation process

  • Where can I download the Unity SDK package from?

    The Unity SDK package can be downloaded from here: link

Working with the SDK in Unity

  • Can you add more than one interval to default timeline content?

    Yes, you can add as many intervals as you like.

  • How does the Unity timeline work. Is it associated with games objects. Is there anything to consider when using the Unity timeline.

    For more instructions on how the Unity timeline works please refer to this link: Unity timeline

  • How are the timelines interconnected: Animation with Unity with Fingerprinted video?

Animations, Particles Systems, Sound, etc can be synchronises to video directly by using DefaultTimelineContentSynchronization component, or by using Unity Timeline which in turn is synchronised by using same DefaultTimelineContentSynchronization

  • Can we activate Unity timeline trough our timeline switch?

Yes, that process is automatic if timeline object has DefaultTimelineContentSynchronization component

  • Would I be able to work with prefabs through the Content switch registry module?

    Yes, you can work with prefabs using that module.

  • Default Camera placement is -10 – Do I have to leave it there and build around that position?

    Camera position, rotation or scale should not be changed when working with content.

  • How can we employ TV masking?

TV masking is now on by default. The masking is provided by the Shader of the ScreenDebug game object. By turning the visibility of the object off, the masking will be turned off.

  • Testing placement: What it the best approach to simulate playback outside of doing a complete build?

The fingerprinted video that will be used in your project can be added inside of the Unity scene and placed in front of the ScreenDebug. You can check the synchronization between the video and the content added through testing using in-scene editor.

More information regarding how to use the in-scene editor can be found here: in-scene editor

  • What are all the options that need to be checked before building?

Before building please make sure to go to player settings and fill in the following fields:

  • Bundle Identifier

  • Camera Usage Description

How to use Augmen.TV SDK

  • Can the app created using SDK be used in portrait mode?

Portrait mode can be enabled but there are several reasons not to do that:

  • The UI needs to be rebuilt to accommodate this orientation.

  • The TV screen will out of view more often. Minimum and maximum distance from the TV will change as well.

  • Majority of testing was done in landscape mode so portrait could yield unexpected results.

  • What kind of video can be fingerprinted?

    Basically we can fingerprint any kind of footage as long as it fits this criteria: Maximum length of 60 minutes, 30 frames per second and FullHD resolution.

Best practices:

  • When defining values for content intervals in Timeline Content Synchronization script, it is advised to use >0 for the initial value (0.5, 1). This will not delay the time it takes for the content to appear.

  • Try not to place any assets far behind the TV screen. Usually the TV screens are placed against a wall or inside furniture so placing something far behind it could look out of place in real life.

Another reason to keeping assets close to the TV is asset stability. The further away the assets will be placed from the TV screen the harder it will be for the mobile device to keep everything in the same position.

  • Avoid using very large assets. Try to not create models that are more than 4 times larger than the TV screen. Big assets will mean that the TV will be lost from frame more often and the mobile device will have a hard time keeping everything in the same position.

  • Try to minimize the use of multiple sources of emissions for particles. You can use particle systems to create effects like* fire, smoke, fog etc*. Try to use 1-3 sources of particles in a scene.